Friday, October 28, 2011

Follow Friday

So, this is primarily a writing blog, but we'll be doing book reviews and reader interviews as well, so I figured I could join in on the book-blogging fun. :D

QUESTION:  If you could have dinner with your favorite book character, who would you eat with and what would you serve? 

ANSWER:  I would eat with Hermione Granger, specifically the Hermione from The Prizoner of Azkaban.  I would serve anything but English food--that is, any food with flavor.  Hermione's food would be infused with sleeping that once she collapsed into her pesto salmon salad I could steal the time-turner from her neck!

And then, all my time-related problems would be solved!  Mwhahaha!

(I think Hermione and I would get along quite well--that is, until she passed out--but she's not quite my favorite character of all time.  As you can tell, however, time-turners are one of my favorite things of all time!)


  1. Wow, nefarious! lol

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  2. Hahaha, I would love to have a time turner to solve all my time constraints! Great Plan!

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    LOL, we could all use a time-turner.

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  4. Thanks guys! I will return the following favor :D

  5. English food can be very tasty, actually! :)

  6. Hey...some English food tastes great! Though, some is just plain weird, like Prawn Jacket Potatoes! YUCK!

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  7. Heehee I love your answer!

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  9. Love your answer!!!! I haven't read the HP books, but it sounds like a good reason to me. ;)

  10. @Colin and Kate: Haha okay... I have to admit I love English tea, scones, and fish & chips!

    @Amanda: You should definitely read the HP books. There are sooo many better reasons than being able to hypothetically drug Hermione and steal her time-turner. Like Serious Black. and Hagrid. and owl mail. and quidditch... and you know what, just go read them now!!!!

  11. And dobby! Oh my goodness DOBBY!!!! And the Weasley's! Please go read them...

  12. And let's not forget about Ron Weasley too! :P
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  14. Yeah, you've pretty much just beat all our answers with the time turner:) I was called Hermione in 7th grade but it was meant as an insult- can you believe it?

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  16. Hahha, I'd join you in stealing that time-turner!

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  18. @Rumana: Oh, silly me. Sorry! Okay, *now* I'm following you :)

  19. Hahahahaha!! I love the idea of stealing the time turner!

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  21. Haha Hermione would be awesome! Great choice!

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