Tuesday, October 18, 2011


So here goes the Pilot blog post.

This is supposed to be a writing blog so I think I will have to bring it around to writing. I don't think that will even be hard. Most things in my life seem to spiral down to writing eventually. Even though I don't think we are really qualified at this point to give advice on the subject, we can definitely chronicle our daily attempts to


Starting a blog is like starting a novel.
(Now that I have experienced both, I think I can say that with some authority.)

The first word is the hardest.

It feels a little weird for a while.
(Why am I doing this? Am I crazy? Who's going to care? What should I say????)

It is best started on a Tuesday.
(Just to disorder the world a little. Normal people start things on Mondays. Exceptional people color outside the lines.)

There is a deep-seated fear that whatever you're typing won't make sense to another soul on the planet.
(What do you mean you don't get what I mean??)

It generally only has the barest hint of an outline.
(Girl meets boy. They team up and meet a dragon. There is a magical item involved. It's brilliant! Girls meet blog. They decide it should be about writing. They think really really hard for interesting things to write about.)

It looks like the whole prospect might eat your life and not be very profitable into the bargain.
(The odds of publication: .0005% . The odds of anyone reading this blog: .0005%. The odds of me living in a garret colder than my dorm room, wearing cut off Bob Cratchit gloves, eating gruel and starving nobly with my artistic brethren after I graduate college: 99.9995%)

And it's really, really fun.


  1. I'm so relieved I didn't mess up your administrative privileges or whatever it was...

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  3. Hmm it seems you can't edit comments after posting. And if you delete and try again, you get that awkward post (see above. Ah, well. I'll do my homework now...

  4. Haha this is so true! I remember feeling so awkward when I started my blog. It gets less weird.

    By the way, Susan, I answered your question on my blog!

    Click here!

  5. Haha I'm glad to hear it gets better... Btw, THANK YOU for being our first follower! We were very, VERY excited when we noticed you. (Also, your chapter 3 is coming soon, I promise!)