Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Secret Writer

I didn't tell anyone about my writing until I had a finished first draft of something I thought had potential.

SUSAN: Hey Dad...

DAD: Yes, honey?

SUSAN: (awkward pause)

DAD: What?

SUSAN: .......

DAD: What did you want, Susan?

SUSAN: (gulps) I have a question.

DAD: Okay, hold on--could you just get me that box of zip ties out of my closet?

SUSAN: (sigh of relief) Sure. No problem.

Susan comes back with zip ties and gives them to her dad, who uses them to secure a bundle of extension cords or something equally engineer-like. Susan starts to leave the room.

DAD: What was that question you said you had for me?

SUSAN: (takes deep breath, tries to supress the feeling she might vomit) How would you suggest I print out a 400 page word document?

DAD: What? How many pages?

SUSAN: Four hundred.

DAD: What is it?

SUSAN: It's a book.

DAD: What book?

SUSAN: My book.

DAD: But what's the title? I'm sure we can get it for you another way.

SUSAN: I wrote it.


He was very surprised and impressed and confused. It was extremely awkward.

And that was the beginning.


  1. Yey for supportive parents--at least I hope your dad is supportive! My oldest daughter is writing a novel, and I've had long conversations about the publishing industry with her, and tried to provide tips and encouragement. I hope your experience is similar. :)

  2. Yes, my parents are supportive--I'm very lucky.

    It is, however, more of an "I respect what you're doing and I'll help you if I ever can" kind of support than a "here, let me share my writing wisdom" kind of support.

    I actually prefer this. The writing process isn't something I feel the need to share with them. It's not that I don't trust them. It's just easier for me to deal with all the ups and downs of the writing process if I maintain a certain level of privacy.

  3. On the other hand, I think it's wonderful that you can help out your daughter with her writing. I've always thought that the parent-child relationship between two writers must be especially fulfilling.

  4. Haha this sounds about right. My dad sort of did the same thing, but he wasn't as surprised. Apparently both my parents have thought I was going to be a writer since I was really little.

    I still don't talk to them much about the process and things--it's not that they don't care, but they aren't nearly as interested as some other people are (like awesome people you meet online! :D)