Sunday, November 13, 2011

Defeating the Vacuum: Part 2

Today, my inner therapist is going to make an appearance as I attempt to allow myself to sit back, relax, and think about my setting. 

Here are the options I consider as I envision my inner therapist: 

Dr. Grover

(This came up when I did a limited image search for Grover.)  I imagine when she talks, her lips would move but she would continue gazing upwards.

His name is Mo. 

I'll let you decide what my inner therapist looks like.  Here's how our conversation goes: 

SUSAN:  Oh no! My story occurs in a white void!  Or is it a black void?  Or grey?  I can't even tell!

(Nevermind, this is what my inner therapist looks like:) 

INNER THERAPIST (YODA):  What your setting is, discover you must. 

SUSAN:  But..but...I thought I had a setting!  I've known my setting ever since I started writing!  There are two, actually:  one is sort of like our world, but really, really not...and the other is a kind of late-midieval kingdom.  See, I've already discovered my setting! 

INNER THERAPIST (YODA):  Too broad your answer is.  The setting of a single scene describe. 

SUSAN:  Well, okay... It's in a classroom. 

(Switching to Grover.  Yoda's syntax is limiting my dialogue.)

INNER THERAPIST (GROVER):  And...? What kind of classroom is it? 

SUSAN: character's sitting at a desk...

INNER THERAPIST (GROVER):  You don't actually know what it looks like, do you?

SUSAN:   [slouches in chair]  No. 

INNER THERAPIST (GROVER):  Don't look sad!  I know what to do. 

SUSAN:  What?  Take my manuscript and burn it? 

INNER THERAPIST (GROVER):  Close your eyes. 

SUSAN:  [closes eyes]  Interesting.  It looks a lot like my setting.  Dark, uniform, kind of impenetrable....  And oooh, it turns pink when I put my face close to this lightbulb!

INNER THERAPIST:  Get away from that lightbulb!  Now, with your eyes closed, just imagine this classroom you speak of. 

SUSAN:  But--

INNER THERAPIST (GROVER):  Shh!  No, it's not a waste of time.  Sit there, keep your eyes shut, and imagine what it looks like when your character sits in that desk. 

SUSAN:  ....


SUSAN:  [with eyes still shut]   Wow!  Wallpaper! 

So this is where I am.  Learning to slow down, take a deep breath, and acknowlege that taking time to discover my setting is worth it.


  1. Bahahahaha, the therapist-switching killed me. This is what I feel like a lot of the time, except with plot event order instead of settings. >.<

    Also--I gave both of you guys an award! It's over at my blog. ^_^