Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Defeating the Vacuum: Part 3

By "dust," I mean "perfectly good description." 

(For those of you who don't know what vacuum I'm talking about, seek clarification HERE.)

I know what I want for Christmas. 

I want a bright red (or aqua) self-inking stamp that says DESCRIBE in big letters, so the next time I have a manuscript, I can stamp it all over the vacuumed sections instead of wearing out my hand. 

(That could be bad... I might go crazy and start stamping myself on the forehead.) 

Seriously, though, after marking up my MS, I have sallied forth on a de-vacuum-iferous revision. 

And I've met with...SUCCESS!

It went something like this: 

Susan:  Did you read my new chapter two?!
Tyler-Rose:  Yes!  You did it!  You de-vacuumed Flavian's setting!
Susan:  [jumps up and down, runs out of room, executes happy dance, comes back out of breath...]
Tyler-Rose:  Now...
Susan:  Now all I have to do is apply it to the whole manuscript.  YAY. 

I'm up for the challenge, though.  I'm even excited.  Becuase I discovered all I need for setting description is a set of descriptive goalposts.  Landmarks if you will.  Targets, perhaps. 

Here's how it works: 
1.  I choose several definitive aspects of the setting that I want readers to see clearly. 
2.  I rewrite, making sure to weave in description of those important features. 

This really seems to work for my list-oriented, pre-planning, goal-organizing brain.  So now I'm on my way to well-described setting, at least! 

In the next "Defeating the Vacuum" post, I will hopefully share how I de-vacuum my main character's appearance. 

And while we're on the subject, check out this beautiful vacuum.  It reminds me of an orca or some other graceful thing of nature.  (It's designed by an Italian named Stefano Giovanonni, so go figure, I guess...)

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