Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Fives

Friday Fives is hosted by Paper Hangover.  Today's question is:

What are the FIVE ways that get you from the beginning to the end of your WiP without losing all your hair? 

1. I draw.

It is so therapeutic. I keep a sketch book full of Oh-My-God-This-Story-Is-Going-To-Kill-Me drawings. I once read a book about the different ways people use the right and left sides of their brains for different things. According to this book, the left side does language and straight lines and numbers and the right side does shapes and color and creativity. So in theory, when one taps in totally to the right side of the brain (drawing will do this to you) all the little voices (relatives who wouldn't approve of what your doing, imaginary policemen, the guy you pass every morning, teachers, employers etc....), voices of the insecurities that writers are traditionally prone too, as well as the narrator of your current WIP who is keeping up a running commentary on your life and her life--they all shut up and there is blessed silence and just wonderful color and shape.

2. I eat.

Chocolate is good. Cookies are good. Candy is good. Chips are good. Pretty much anything is good. Especially if it crunches. I like crunchy food while I am writing best. Juice is lovely. So are carrots. And Soda and tea and hot chocolate and...Oh, I'll probably eat anything.

3. I vent.

Lucky for me, I have amazing friends who will listen to me whine and complain about something I am not letting them read yet. They restrain me from beating myself against the walls because of the futility of my project and they pat my shoulders reassuringly and tell me that I am a good writer and that all my skill hasn't abandoned me. Then I whimper a little more about how it is not turning out the way I imagined and by then I can probably go back and work on it.

4. I think of something else.

Sometimes it is really hard, especially when brilliant idea has you in its grip (the kind that have you leaping out of bed to write it down before you fall asleep and forget it), but sometimes it helps me the most to think about something else and let the story sit for a little while. I usually stuff it in a drawer or just ignore my word processor and go do something fun. Like all the homework I neglect to write my stories. Thinking about that always cheers me up.

5. I accept the fact that I will probably lose a lot of my hair.

I prefer my eyebrows, especially, for yanking. They are not as long and troublesome as the rest of my hair and are conveniently located near the temples so one can goes easily from massaging of temples to pulling of eyebrows. I won't lose all of my hair, but I will definitely lose some of it. Accepting this fact increases the percentage of hair I get to keep.


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  2. Eeek! Must resist the urge to keep deleting posts when I want to edit them!

    I think it's hilarious that chocolate came first in your list of snacks... (For anyone reading this, Tyler-Rose used to be allergic to chocolate and is just discovering how wonderful it is.)

    And happy Veterans' Day! (And...Corduroy Day, as my religion professor told us... 11-11-11, get it? Yeah. I thought it was weird too.)

  3. EATING!!!

    Yep, me too. Great list! I vent a lot when I'm writing. My CPs must hate me. :)

  4. Eating is a definite must, as is chocolate. As for me, my other would definitely be drawing, yes, and watching anime, and probably listening to music, and reading something other than what I'm writing...which will make me want to write again.