Saturday, November 5, 2011


This is pretty much irrelevant, but we (or Tyler-Rose, rather) took a break to do henna today! It's pretty, AND it smells like lavender... Very therapeutic. 

This isTyler-Rose's...

And this is mine (Susan's).

So yes, this doesn't really tie in to writing, other than that it goes to show that Tyler-Rose is talented.  Yay!

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  1. "At home" we all know that Tyler-Rose is talented (Soprano Power! website maintainer extraordinaire!), but some of us didn't know she writes, or that she went to England during the summer...

    If you get a flurry of new commenters, blame proud mother Laurel, who posted the blog address on our parish email list. I bookmarked the site and read the archives, and am duly impressed with Susan's talent, too. I have no doubt that both of you will be published. I hope you both will autograph my copies of your books. And I hope you won't be self-conscious about continuing to write the blog as you have done up until now, with non-strangers showing up from time to time.

    Somebody flipped a switch and it is now winter in northern California; I don't think anyone warmed up in church yesterday, T-R: cold rain, cold fog and cold wind on the back side of the storm. No snow down below yet.

    Susan, I was born in Montana and moved to CA at age 7, so I still have memories of all the different kinds of snow - and how refreshing sucking on a clean icicle can be!

    Best regards to both of you-
    Dana Ames