Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Road Trip Wednesday: Best Book of November

November was a month full of of wonder and catastrophes. I had amazing, horrible long reading assignments that were oh so good for me (sort of the way dentistry is good for me), lovely family members who distracted me so pleasantly from my work, exams, parties, crises, snow, dances and late night guacamole.

I don't think I actually finished a book in November.

Wait, scratch that....

There was that night I read fifteen books of the Odyssey in one sitting.

Okay, I finished one book.

However, I just started another that I think is going to be amazing. It is:

The Distant Hours by Kate Morton

I read her The Forgotten Garden and loved it. There are certain books that, when I pick them up, seem to almost vibrate in my hand with life and story. They are the ones that I pick up off of library shelves and don't even bother to read the back before I check them out. The Forgotten Garden is one of these, and I think The Distant Hours is another. What I have read so far is wonderful. Now I'm going to stop blogging and go read The Distant Hours instead.


  1. hahaha the part about you reading the

    I must read some Kate Morton over Christmas.

    Also, um, this is awkward, but our sidebar seems to have fled to the bottom of the blog. I cannot imagine what would have scared it away. Maybe the gremlins under my sink. In any case, the design hasn't changed--I checked--so we should probably look into that.

  2. Indeed. You are correct. I had been wondering what had happened to it. Hmmm... We will have to work on that.