Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I'm a Semi-Finalist!

To my own surprise and delight, I am a semi-finalist in Brenda Drake's first 250 words "Can We Guess Your Character's Age?" contest!  Squeeeee!  (Or squeak, rather.  I actually squeaked when I discovered this.)

Here is Brenda's latest update about the contest. 

Here is Gabriela Lessa's (the final judge's) blog.  Seriously, check it out!  She has some super-helpful advice for writers!!!!

And here is my first 250 words in the list of semi-finalists.  Feel free to comment with age guesses or friendly critiques. :) 

I seriously almost didn't find out about this.  I looked at Brenda's blog and the list of 20 semi-finalists and  said, "I'm not a semi-finalist.  I don't even want to look.  Blahhhh."  (My ice cream was wearing off.)  And then I looked at one, and then a few more, and just when I was saying blahhhh I clicked on one more--and it was me!  (That's when I squeaked.)

Always check, people!

(Also, as a side-note:  I've changed my first 250 words based on the feedback I got during this contest.  Should I post a revision?  What do you think about posting snippets to your blog?)


  1. lol thank you Tyler-Rose! and good morning :) Come over and visit me--I'm lonely now that my roommate is gone...