Saturday, December 17, 2011

Joy and Candy

Today, instead of talking about writing, I feel the need to celebrate the joy and awesomeness of our lives as I sit in a pool of wonderful, warm sun light streaming through my dinning room windows and look out over the ocean. Mmmmmh.  The snow on the ginger bread house below is probably the only snow I will see this Christmas.

Last week before finals began, Susan, my roommate, and I bought four giant boxes of graham crackers, two enormous tubs of icing, and four big bags of candy.

This is was the result:

One triangular castle, one snowy arch, two huts (one with Dalek-like accessories), and a large extremely well-built house with rooms and a two car garage.

I was responsible for the both the huts, Susan built our Dr. Suess-esque triangular castle, and my roommate built the indestructible two car garage house.

A road made of Heath Bars and M&M landscaping

(Please appreciate the artistry and skill that went into Susan's Icicles.)

Heath Bar door ways and Cream Saver windows.

The Huts

The Archway (also featuring Susan's fantabulous icicles)

Can you say, tidings of comfort and joy? 

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  1. *sigh* I had a better picture of the icicles, but I couldn't get it to copy in.

    And can I just say....the huts. Yes... They are nice too. ;)

    (Let it be known that in most mediums, Tyler-Rose is actually about 5,000 times more artistic than I am.)