Wednesday, February 15, 2012

RTW and a Game of Tag

Road Trip Wednesday is hosted by YA Highway.  This week's question is: 

What words do you absolutely hate?  Which ones do you adore?

I can't think of a word I hate, though I don't usually approve of profanity, but I do have a phrase that bugs the crap out of me: 

"Most important"  As in, "Most important, the blog had a pretty red background."  I can't STAND this!  Every time I see this--and I've seen it in very respectable publications--my Grammar Gut tells me it should be "most importantly."  I don't know if I'm right or not, but it sounds wrong to me and it's ANNOYING.  Does anyone know which is correct?????

On the positive side, I really like the word mercantile.  Couldn't tell you why.  I don't know. 

Now, for a game of tag: 

Carol Rae of Carol Rae's Random Ramblings has tagged us!  See her post HERE.   We're supposed to share six things about ourselves.  (I'm kind of cheating and re-posting our Leibster Blog facts, since I don't think a ton of people saw those...)

1. I dropped out of my first preschool because the kids were too loud and I cried for my mom every day.
2. As a college student, my favorite food to cook consists of cinnamon instant oatmeal, peanut butter, hot cocoa mix, and more cinnamon. It ends up being a fantastic gray-brown color, which in Tyler-Rose's words, "looks like paint."
3. I like to write sonnets. I enjoy them the way my sister enjoys jigsaw puzzles.
4. The Hobbit is the only book I have re-read of my own volition.
5. I am allergic (in order of severity) to horses, bunnies, dogs, guinea pigs, hamsters, cats, and most other furry things. Birds are nice. As are fish. Especially beta fish when they don't die.
6.  I outline like crazy before I write.  It involves intense plotting sessions with color-coded notecards. 

Susan's pre-writing strategy.

1. I spent Kindergarten trailing silk scarves and pretending to be a fairy/griffin/tiger.
2. As a college student, my favorite food is our cafeteria's teryiaki pork loin. We've decided it tastes a little how we imagine pigeon poop might.
3. I write elaborate puns in my spare time. I feel they offer a challenge to my intellect.
4. I've read every book I own at least twice.
5. Over my life I've kept horses, sheep, bunnies, dogs, guinea pigs, hamsters, cats, rats, most other furry things, an amphibian or two and one reptile. I've also kept fish and birds. Though, the fish all died and the bird ended up on the dinner table.
6.  Tyler-Rose isn't here right now so I'm taking the liberty of writing this for her, but I can tell you she does NOT like to outline a lot before she writes.  Pantser extraordinaire, that one...

Tyler-Rose in kindergarten...and also, perhaps, Tyler-Rose's pre-writing strategy?
(source, which teaches you how to draw this thing) that you've concluded Tyler-Rose and I come from different planets, here are the people we're tagging (only 3--hope that's ok!): 
1.  Jessica @ Jessica Love Writes
2.  Isabel Bandeira
3.  Crystal Licata @ Reading, Writing and A Little Bit of Nonsense

Basically, the rules are to post 6 facts about yourself, mention and link the blog that tagged you, and tag more people. (You're supposed to tag six.  I was bad.) 

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


  1. Mercantile is a good one! And I totally do the notecard outlining. It's really helpful to be able to move plot points around so easily and still have a feel for your overall story...

  2. This is from The Free Dictionary's article on "important":

    "Some critics have objected to the use of the phrase more importantly in place of more important when one introduces an assertion, as in More importantly, no one is ready to step into the vacuum left by the retiring senator. But both forms are widely used by reputable writers, and there is no obvious reason for preferring one or the other.

    1. Thank you, Colin! It's good to know the truth about this finally--I guess I never looked it up before becuase I don't usually think about it until I see it written somewhere. I still have some grammatical objections, but I'll spare you...

  3. I was one mystical creature at a time, I'll have you know.

  4. hahahaha. I love it! =) It's okay...i had more than 6, soo...yeahh...we both broke the guidelines! thanks so much for participating in this little tagging game. ^.^

  5. Hi, fellow campaigner here and I tagged you in the getting-to-know-you game that's been going around. You can find your questions here: I'm looking forward to getting to know you better! :)

  6. Thank you for the tag! It was tough following great "six facts" like yours. (and I'm with Tyler-Rose on the rereading. At least twice, usually more)

  7. These are fascinating facts and I love the parallelism haha! Does the cinnamon concoction oatmeal-y or thicker than that, from the peanut butter? It sounds delicious but potentially with a horrendous texture.

    1. In order to maximize volume, I cook my oatmeal with about twice the recommended amount of liquid, for about three times the normal amount of time. Click here to see HungryGirl’s “growing oatmeal,” which is what tipped me off about the extra liquid. So ususally my oatmeal is a little on the watery side anyway, with the result being that when I add peanut butter, it's a very normal, smooth oatmeal texture.

      Didn't mention this, but I add a packet of Truvia for extra sweetness. Yummm:)

    2. Oh, and if you go the extra-liquid-extra-cook-time route in the microwave, it has a tendency to overflow, so watch it CAREFULLY.

  8. I totally agree with "most important", it isn't grammatically correct and it bugs me. It should be most importantly. And that stinks about all of the allergies, no fun. I'm only allergic to silicone, which just means I need special contacts and can't get a boob job. (Not that I want one, lol.)

    Susan - you are the winner of my 100 followers giveaway! Shoot me an email and I will send you your gift card! kristam(at) - Congrats! :)

    1. Cool!!! So excited!!!

      (And I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that way about "most important"...)