Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Links Galore: New Page!

For the first few days of spring break, I have been diligently avoiding the 300-some pages of history, political theory, and Coriolanus criticism that I need to read this week.  Pardon me while the neglected reading barges into my mind...

(This is what most of the Coriolanus criticism looks like.)

In a valiant effort to forestall the time when I would have to start this homework, I turned to the ever-popular "working on the blog" form of procrastination. 

Except this time, I actually accomplished something. 

The Feather and the Rose now has a new page that features links for aspiring writers.  I have lists upon lists of links for myself--it's just a matter of finding the best ones and organizing them.  Please find the new tab labeled "links" at the top of the page and check out what I have so far.  Tyler-Rose and I will continue to edit and add. 

An "About Us" page is also forthcoming.  We're just trying to figure out what to say about ourselves...  (Any suggestions about that, by the way?  What do you want to know, if anything?)

Now that I look at what I have to read, some of it actually looks interesting...  In fact, I specifically didn't put Coriolanus up there because the cover looked far too exciting.  That's good, becuase it must be done.


  1. Oh goodness. Been there! Just keeping chugging along. I promise it does eventually end. . . at least I think it does.

  2. Can I recommend a link? It's Vickie Motter's blog, Navigating the Slush Pile ( Vickie is an agent with Andrea Hurst Lit., and posts useful tips on querying, writing, etc.

    1. Absolutely! Thanks, Colin! Actually, I've been thinking about an entire agent blog tab.