Monday, March 12, 2012


This is Not Me.
Although, he looks how
I felt and we have the same
hair color.
The sun came out the other day. My system was so shocked and overjoyed that I found a lovely stone wall and lay down, flat on my back, on top of it. Then I ignored all the funny looks I got and sunned*. I take my sunning very seriously.

Weather wise, it was my perfect day. I love days when a wind that is a little colder than the air is blowing and and a very gentle sun is shining, one that you can just feel on your cheek bones when who look up.

My little almost-nap on the wall put me in a fantastically good mood. What is there to be discontented about when I can lie in the sun? One of those moods where you can look at things that aren't perfect, things that might usually irritate or dissatisfy you, and say "this is good" and mean it.

I think it's important to have joy in the "during" and not just the "completed" of life, to make time even when there isn't any for little things like sunning. Even when it seems like I am hellishly busy, if I really think about it, I can spare a minute or two to sit in the sun, or go for a walk, or sip a cup of tea or even read a poem. I always find that I come back feeling a little bit better, even if it is onlyjust a little bit.

So, go sun. Your life and your manuscript will still be there when you get back.

*I also compulsively hummed the Shire Theme for the rest of the day.


  1. You're right, just a couple minutes can improve an entire day. Enjoy your sun!

  2. Articles about how to de-stress (yes, I've read a few...) always say you should take time each day to meditate or simply relax. I guess they're not lying. Doing things for their own sake reaches far beyond self-help articles, however. Even people like Aristotle and Joseph Pieper talk about it. ;)

    1. Um yeah...someone just got back from a political philosophy class. Also, I've accomplished my goal for today and it's only one in the morning and I didn't even drink the caffeinated tea! *collapses in hallway*

  3. I loved this. It made me smile.

  4. Great job. Brings out the cat in us

  5. Sunbeams and moonbeams - what could be better?