Monday, May 14, 2012

Best Author Names

Tyler-Rose is flying to Paris as I type! She may blog while she's there, and she may not. We'll see. Either way, I am at home (still unpacking from a year of college) and will have plenty of time to blog in the next two weeks.

I've been noticing that some authors have seriously cool names.  Some are puns on writing-related terms, but others sound just plain awesome.  For instance...

1.  Garth Nix

2.  Pittacus Lore

3.  Lemony Snicket

4.  James Dashner

5.  Jasper Fforde (Besides having a sweet name, he is a hilarous genius.  You want to read his Thursday Next series NOW.  Start here if you like B&N.  Or here if you like Amazon.)

Also, in my opinion... 

Dante Alighieri (He actually puns off his own name in the Divine Comedy, which, I think, deserves some sort of award...)

Did I miss any?

Also, I know at least some of these are pseudonyms.  Would you consider using a pen name for the sake of having a snappier, snazzier name on your books?


  1. All of those are pretty awesome names! My favorite would be Lemony Snicket, there's just something really catchy in that name. Of course, I did love The Series of Unfortunate Events so maybe I'm biased. :D

    1. Lemony Snicket is definitely one of my favorites. And that one is a pen name for sure.

  2. lol I only know half of the authors, but it's a great choice, you're right!

  3. Garth Nix is a great name because its so easy to remember. His name makes a great logo on his books as well.