Thursday, May 24, 2012

How I ended up with glitter on my shoulders and plot ideas in my head.

As part of my birthday present last year, one of my friends gave me a Disney Princess coloring book and glitter crayons.  Not becuase I'm actually three years old (Wow!  A three-year-old blogger/writer/college student.  That's serious talent.), but becuase it was kind of a joke and she finds coloring relaxing. 

I brought it to college becuase it reminded me of her, but didn't color at all.  I found it when I was unpacking, however, and something about the simple pictures waiting to be colored called to me. 

So when I was "supposed" to be writing one afternoon, I turned on some music and got out the coloring book instead. 

There may be a reason why my eyes went straight to THIS picture when I was choosing one to color...

What happened? 

Well, I ended up with glitter from the crayons all over me.  No idea how that happened.  I was wearing a strapless top, and it looked like I had taken a jar of glitter and sprinkled it all over my chest and shoulders.  I must have been really into my coloring, I guess. 

But also, there were plot revelationsHUGE plot revelations. 

And that's when I realized just how rare it is for me to let my mind unwind like that.  Sometimes life is so busy that it's not possible to set aside time like that, but I think I've been cutting myself short in terms of creativity... 

What do you like to do to refresh your creative brain and let ideas come to the surface?  Or are you like me, and don't do this enough? 


  1. Great post, Susan. I tend to let myself unwind by just thinking on a bus or reading a book with a similar topic (weird I know)...but it lets me just THINK. How did the author show this, how can *I* show this? etc. I also throw myself dances parties a lot...and no I am not ashamed. :-P

  2. Haha I am very much in favor of throwing dance parties for oneself. :P Though I never thought of that as a time for reflection. And I see what you're saying about reading books on a similar topic...sounds like it could be quite helpful!

  3. Oh goodness, I love coloring and I should do it more! For me reflection comes best when I turn on some music and just let myself daydream with the emotions in the song. Every moment can be connected in some way to music. I also agree with the dance parties. I break it down anywhere at any time!

  4. Our entire dorm floor in college was into cross-stitching. It started with two or three friends, but we discovered that it really helped to clear the head, especially the night before a test.

    1. That's really unique! How fun! I might have to try it...

  5. See? That's proof positive that glitter is magical and can solve any problem. I wear it daily just in case :)

    My creative refreshers are repetitive motions, like knitting or barre (or skating warm-up.) But I may have to try coloring now! I think that letting your body fall into a familiar motion can throw you into a meditative state perfect for creating. :)

  6. I won't argue with you about the glitter. I never intentionally put gitter on myself...but I end up sparkly anyway. I'm not even sure how it happens sometimes, but I'll take it. I'll take all the magic I can get!