Saturday, June 2, 2012

100 Posts and a New Look

I'm back from Paris just in time to celebrate having 100 posts on our blog!

Our blog is 100 posts old! Yay!

In honor of this magnificent and solemn occasion we have given The Feather and the Rose a lovely new look. Observe the genius of our new favicon, the beauty of our new header and please do take a moment to grab our wonderful new button.

That's almost like cake and bagpipes, right?

We would like to thank:

akinna-stock for the paper texture in our header,

Adam Ruf for the green Picaboo DiamondBack pattern also in our header,

and DP Nguyen of Hip Chick's Guide to PMS, Pregnancy and Babies for the code in our button.

Also: please do not be alarmed if there are some color and font fluctuations in the next few days. Some textual disturbance is common after a dramatic shift.


  1. Dead @ "textual disturbance".

    Looks good! I like the colors, and any blog I can read the content text on is A+ to me. ;)

  2. And I would like to thank Tyler-Rose Counts, my AWESOME, TALENTED BLOG PARTNER, who worked so hard to engineer all this while I got to sit back and watch all these beautiful changes occur. You are amazing, and I am so lucky to have you!!!

    Oh, and here’s some cake.

    And some more.

    And some chocolate cake.

    I will leave you to find your own bagpipe performance. Though I must warn you: live performances are meant to be enjoyed outside. Or at the very back of an auditorium. :)

  3. Gorgeous! And Happy 100th blog birthday!