Wednesday, November 7, 2012

7 Alternative Uses for Your Laptop

If you're a blogger, and possibly also a writer, you probably spend a lot of time with your laptop.  I know I do.  So here are seven ways to make the most of it: 

1.  Light Source
Useful when you're trying not to wake up roommates, etc... Furthermore, its cumbersome nature provides a greater challenge than simply using a flashlight or reading light. 

2.  Clutter Concealer 
Step 1:  consolidate flat clutter. 
Step 2:  place laptop on top of flat clutter. 
Step 3:  Brag about how clean your desk is. 
WARNING:  I have never done this, and I think you shouldn't because it could possibly start a fire.

3.  Dust Collector 
Effort required on your part:  zero. 
If you ever wish your laptop weren't a dust collector, however, compressed air works wonders--and it's really fun to use!  Just don't shoot it in your eye. 

4. Cuddle-Buddy
Hard, square, flat--yet somehow, just as huggable as a stuffed animal. 

5.  Way to Look Busy 
Fake typing.  So much better than fake texting.

6.  Muscle Toning 
Unless you are lucky enough to have one of those super-slim, super-light laptops, carrying it around in a purse or backpack can do wonders for the shoulder muscles.  Doing this can also contribute to scholiosis. 

7.  Hot Water Bottle 
Really.  Not even kidding on this one.  This discovery is what prompted me to write this entire post.  Good for those nights when you've stayed up so late writing that you just feel ill. :D

And you'll want to have your laptop ready THIS SATURDAY because we are officially starting. . . .

Save-a-Word Saturday!  If you like old words and blog hops, you'll want to check it out!


  1. Very resourceful @ No. 1, and thanks for a good laugh @ No.'s 2 & 3. An engaging wishes with "Save A Word Saturday"

    1. Thank you! I know the words appreciate it.

  2. Very resourceful indeed. I just found this and i'm glad to see i'm not too silly. I thought I was the only one who liked to cuddle with my laptop! I actually sleep with it. It makes a great pressure pillow. Too bad it won't turn on anymore. It comes on for like ten seconds, just the green light and a black screen, then it just turns off. I guess the drops it suffered finally caught up with it. It's 8 yrs old now. I loved to sit on it with it nice and warm, right on the keyboard deck. Never hurt the way it functioned and it felt so heavenly. It would be the perfect thing to use in the winter as a personal heater. Sit on the laptop and cover up with a blanket and it's so relaxing! I sure hope to find a way to fix it soon because I miss my nerdy tushie warmer so bad. I still like to sit on it and it's comfortable, but it doesn't feel quite the same though.