Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Serious, This Time: How to Accomplish a Big Revision List

This last week has been busy for me--starting a new job, my sister's graduation, having houseguests... Hence my absence from the blog lately. Also the reason why I haven't revised much yet. 

The ticking clock has put fear in me, however, and now I have begun.  100 revision points.  1 month (ish).  Here are some ways I've been making it less difficult: 

1.  Block off "No-Internet Time."  Alternatively, you can pull out your ethernet cables and hide them, smash your wireless router, or go sit in the middle of a field. 

2. Be comfy in order to convince yourself that it's really, really fun. Ways to do this in your home include sitting in bed with popcorn and/or chocolate. Ways to do this in the middle of a field include setting up an air-conditioned tent and having people roast you marshmallows downwind. 

3.  Read about someone who is both really successful and obviously hard-working.  Like Patrick Rothfuss.  Then IMMEDIATELY resume No-Internet Time. 

4.  If you're feeling desperate and you don't have very good vision, try this: 
Step One:    Take out the contacts. 
Step Two:    Hide the glasses. 
Step Three:  Open up that word document. 
RESULT:    All you'll be able to do that isn't totally irksome is TYPE. Anything else will require you to put your face very close to the screen and squint.

5.  Just write two sentences.   JUST TWO.  And I dare you not to write more. 

That last one is the most helpful, in my opinion.  What are your tips for digging in and doing work?  (Whether it be revision, drafting, or something else.)

Happy writing, happy reading, happy blogging! 



  1. I died at "sit in the middle of a field". Bwahaha.

    My big thing is putting on the headphones and just going. Good beats on pop songs seem to keep me focused. I end up hitting that "find" button in time to the music. XD

    1. I listen to music sometimes too--but I only know I'm really writing/working when I'm too zoned out to hear the music anymore. And oh the joys of the "find" button!