Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Looking for Suggestions!

Writers:  how do you print your manuscripts?

I'll soon need to print a 110,000-word novel so I can have a paper copy for editing (and for cutting at least 10K of unnecessary words!).  It's a little over 400 manuscript pages.  Usually I can use the big printers at my school and get this done with relative ease...  But I'm home for the summer, and my poor little printer is not up for the task. 

So I've been researching other options.  If I calculated everything correctly, it would be around $40 to print at Staples...

And *enter confusion* I could get my draft as a printed, bound book from LuLu for more like $15. 


So...is that a good idea?  Getting a bound copy of my draft to use for editing?  Apparently you can make a book private on LuLu so it would be only me who could see it.  And it really does appear to be cheaper.  Which is what we were aiming for, right?

Have you ever heard of writers using a print-on-demand service for editing or beta reading purposes?  I would really like to know if this is something people do. 

Any suggestions?  What is the cheapest, **and easiest** way to get a paper copy of my manuscript?  Is LuLu probably my best choice if I get it bound?  Will there be copyright issues if I use a print-on-demand service?  (I don't think there would be, but I'd research it thoroughly of course.<--We're losing "easy" points...)

Thanks in advance for any help. :)


  1. um...*KINKO's or Staples. You can bring in your disc drive/memory stick/USB whatever you call it and they can print out for you. It's generally not tooooo terrible of a price.

  2. You already know my opinion on this subject ;)

  3. Most people I know these days go the lulu and createspace route. It seems silly at first thought, but it's really economical, especially versus to printing it out yourself. (I know you're thinking of Staples, but the main argument was if you print it out on your computer because it's "free", you're actually losing money on ink and toner in the long run.) I'd go for the cheapest option available, unless you think having it in "book" format is absolutely detrimental to your way of working.

  4. Thank you, everyone, for the input!!!