Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Susan's July Recap

Well, July has been a month of revision for me, and therefore a month of....
  • hiding in my house for long periods of time
  • consuming large amounts of chocolate
  • drinking unprecedented amounts of tea
  • running around my house silent-screaming (especially when I drank caffeinated tea by accident)
  • pacing around my room muttering to myself
  • and performing many, many almost-headdesks. 

An almost-headdesk is when you throw your head forward as if executing a headdesk, but stop short out of fear that you would break your laptop or your face.  I nearly gave myself a concussion this month from almost-headdesks.  Or whiplash, or something. 

I am happy to say that after all that, I completed yet another draft of THE MADMAN'S CROWN, and will send it to beta readers once I type up the final edits.  (Look out, my lovely, beautiful, saintly betas!  I have new and improved character arcs!  And resolution, to boot!  And fewer adverbs!)  I really, really, really hope it got better....

I also had a birthday this month. Which inspired a little bit of terror.  "AGE EXISTS, PEOPLE. AHHHHH!"   But then I realized I had a humongous chocolate cake to consume, and age didn't exist after all and everything was fine. 

How was your July?


  1. Happy birthday! I would probably die if I did a headdesk right now. I think that means I should clean up my desk...