Tuesday, August 14, 2012

WriteOnCon is Here!!!

What is free, fabulous, and has me glued to my computer for two days straight?

(HINT:  Notice the widget in our sidebar that has counted down to zero.)


Click HERE to go straight to the source of the awesomeness!

To any new followers/visitors who've been directed here from the forums: Welcome! 

Also, for anyone who's watched Meredith Barnes' vlog on social media--what do you think about her opinion that writers should blog, but not about writing?  I'm really interested to see what my fellow writer-bloggers have to say about that one... 


  1. Yay I am also attending! (under Rachelwritesthings) I'll have to look for your work:)

  2. I am enjoying WritOnCon as well.

    Writing is why I started the blog, though I guess you should be trying to have fun with it and get your personality out there as well.

  3. WooHoo WriteOnCon!

    Glad we met on there :)

  4. I just watched the vlog after reading your post... interesting. Meredith says "don't blog about writing, blog about something different" but she doesn't elaborate on WHY we shouldn't blog about writing.

    If I put forward a suggestion, it's my responsibility to provide rationale behind it, therefore I can do nothing but dismiss Meredith's words as incomplete advice. If a blogger took Meredith's advice and changed their entire blog content without questioning why it matters, I'd feel a bit gutted for them to be honest. If you want to blog, you write what you bloody well want. The blogging community is so supportive and welcoming, you have scope to write whatever your heart desires. :)

    But maybe I'm just looking into it too much...

    What are your thoughts on it, Susan?

    1. Well...a couple things. I think the online writing community is an important thing for aspiring writers to plug into. Writer-bloggers support each other and learn from each other. For those reasons, I think blogging about writing is perfectly valid and rather important.

      I think I see what she's getting at, though. As an aspiring author, when coming up for content on posts I sometimes feel like I'm walking a line between whining about my insecurities and giving advice I'm not qualified to give. It's a little bit of a sticky situation, and a lot of the content is not necessarily stuff that would interest my target audience. (Though I think we mix that in here and there.)

      I think the best way to answer the question is to have two kinds of blogs: a writing (and quite possibly book-reviewing) blog that you start up while you're aspiring to publication, and then, if you achieve published authorhood, a new, audience-oriented blog for people who come to you as readers and not fellow writers. On the second one, the one designed for YOUR readers, I can totally see why it would make sense to blog about something other than writing.

      So...I think she was talking about AUTHOR blogs, which I believe are different from WRITER blogs, but just as legitimate. Thanks for the thought-provoking comment. This kind of discussion is something I love to see at The Feather and the Rose. Or any writer blog for that matter. :)