Thursday, October 25, 2012

We forgot our own birthday!

Susan:  Hey...when did we start this blog thing?
Tyler-Rose:  Um...around...this time of year.  *checks for first post*
Susan:  Wasn't it REALLY close to this time?
Tyler-Rose:  It was last week!
Yes.  We just realized that we had our first blog birthday...

...last week. 

So happy belated blog birthday to us! 

On October 18, 2011, we had our first, oh-so-brilliant-and-exciting post

We've had a great first year, and have come very far from that first post.  Our comment section no longer consists of us having random conversations with each other!  Thank you to everyone who made that possible!

To celebrate, we have installed "Related Posts" tabs beneath each post.  Or rather, Tyler-Rose installed them with her awesome html skills.  I watched gleefully and did a bit of cheerleading. 

We're also planning to start a weekly blog hop called Save-a-Word Saturday.  It's going to be great fun.  Keep an eye out for it if you like old words. ;) 

Since we obviously weren't prepared for this, I'm afraid we don't have a giveaway for you right now, but we CAN direct you to a place where you could win a Nook or Kindle!    (Yeah, that's definitely cooler than whatever we'd be giving away...)  Crystal Licata is starting a cool-looking blog called YA Society, and she's kicking it off with this great giveaway. 

Also, I don't usually have much to say when other bloggers ask this of me...but if you remember any favorite posts or would like to see more of something, please do let us know!


  1. Happy late blogoversary! I have this thing on my blog that countdowns the days until my blog's next birthday so I never forget. :D

    Here's the website:

    1. Oh nice, thank you! It looks like this might be useful for us...