Saturday, October 20, 2012

We're Too Tired to Think of a Good Title

. . . but someone appreciates us anyway.

We've been given the Reader Appreciation Award by not one, but TWO lovely bloggers! 
EM Castellan, an epic fantasy author with a beautiful writing blog, who--WHOA.  GUYS.  SHE LIVES IN A AN ENGLISH CASTLE.  Ahem.  That is really, really cool.     
Kristina Perez, a writer of diverse talents (and when we say diverse, WE MEAN IT.) 
Thank you, ladies! 
The rules for this award are as follows: 
1. Identify and show appreciation to the blogger who nominated you.
2. Add the reward logo to your blog.
3. Tell your readers 7 things about yourself.
4. Nominate some other bloggers.
5. Inform your nominees that you nominated them.
We're doing the "7 things about yourself" in tandem...
1. We are wearing the exact color of our blog today. By accident. Plus jeans.
2. We made delicious vanilla chai scones this morning and had them with apple cider for breakfast.
3. We live in a suite with thin walls. Sometimes at night our neighbors take a smoke break and talk about their lives directly outside our windows and we hide in one of the rooms and listen to them quietly. They have very exciting lives. No, we don't think eavesdropping is wrong. We consider it professional research.
4. Susan slept through a date with her parents this morning and her mother had to stand outside and throw crab apples at her window. That blackout curtain she bought yesterday appears to have worked.
5. Tyler-Rose's laptop screen is flashing mysteriously. She is going to spend the day hunting frantically for her flashdrive so she can back up every word she ever wrote.
6. We think that while six is a lovely number, it should not be taken seriously.
7.  Mostly when we're together we just cackle manically. In fact, you can imagine all our blog posts attended by maniacal cacklings.

Thing number 8, just because: We short on sleeep. Can you tell?

Now to nominate nominees. Da DA! (more cackling)
1. Peter William Carrillo of Pete's Notes You are our favoritest reader ever, Peter From the Internet!
Peter regularly posts original poetry.

2. Suzanne Furness of The Word Is...
She is writer/blogger who loves purple and is currently querying a series intended for  early readers about Birthstone Unicorns.

3. Hannah Milton of Paper, Ink and Coffee
Hannah Milton we love you because of this sentence: "I'm that weird person in bookstores who cries while smelling a book because it feels like their soul has been transformed into sparkles." What more need we say? She's a new blogger. GO FOLLOW HER!

Thank you again, Eve and Kristina!


  1. Whoa, "Favoritest reader ever"? That is rather high praise :) I'm honored, seriously. And thanks for keeping up with my blog too! The internet is an interesting place for poetry: with all the poets out there, it's easy to overlook a poetry blog. I really do appreciate that the two of you keep up with it :)

    Also, as to number eight: I can tell you're short on sleep because you spelled the word sleep with three e's. ;)

    1. And we skipped the verb.

      Sorry the sunflower doesn't go with your decor ;)

  2. Aww thanks for the nomination guys. I'll pass it on as soon as I get chance. Hope you manage to get some sleep real soon.

  3. Eavesdropping definitely counts as professional research! And I love all your answers :)

  4. Thanks for the nomination! I'll pass it on soon. And don't worry about being short on sleep-- that's when some of the greatest ideas happen!

  5. Hope that laptop screen stops flashing. That can be scary!