Thursday, November 8, 2012

College Life

It's been pretty cold lately. We had a little snow a couple of weeks ago, and now it frosts pretty much every night.

When I walk back after dark all the grass sparkles like a troupe of fairies has been there before me :)

However, there are other, less charming, things about the oncoming winter weather. For example, our nice little Suite of rooms gets very, very cold at night. And during the day. And most of the time in fact.

Today, while we sat around shivering in our half gloves and fluffy sweaters, we remembered  that we had some success getting the air conditioning to come on in the summer by breathing on the thermostat.

A creative solution was born.

A Creative Solution 

We taped a tinfoil bundle of ice cubes to our thermostat.
 It did work . . . eventually. The thermometer hit a solid 57 degrees before any heat was felt. I find that *alarming*. We were all sort of hoping it would come on once it got to, you know, 67 or something.
Um, no.


  1. I understand your suffering. My dorm room is like a perpetual refrigerator.

  2. I live in a spare room off of an airplane hangar with very little insulation in the walls. All I can say is that a space heater can work miracles.

    1. If we could we would. I think they can expel us for having a space heater. The maintenance people check them out to professors in the summer(?), but collect them all as soon as it gets cold. Then they do walk-throughs of the dorm rooms to check for contraband.

  3. How clever! desperate times, call for desperate measures!