Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving in the Hut

The Hut.
Alright, our hut is a little nicer.
At least we have a front door.
I went home to a garret for Thanksgiving, or as I have fondly named it: "the Hut."

Yes, while I was at school my family moved. They packed up all my things and put them into storage and, until our house, is ready I and my family are living in five-hundred square feet of country charm.

I am thinking of this as a kind of job-shadowing. Oh, should I ever choose to write a garret, this is what it will feel like.

We have a little front room, a little back room (we have divided the twain with a decorative curtain to give the feeling of 'roomness'), a little bathroom, and an itty bitty kitchen. Luckily, we do have a full size refrigerator or there would be more starving than there currently is.

My recommendation to all those writers currently considering noble starvation in garrets is that they do not attempt to bring more than ONE, very quiet, very small (or very accommodating), person to live with you in your garret.

The Hut.
Alright, a hut.
And unraveling Bob Cratchit gloves. Those are an absolute necessity.

However, in the spirit of the holiday, I have to say that the hut is really very cozy and the heater works and I'm not starving, there's a rose bush in the back garden, and, though they are sort of filling up any excess space, it is worth any spacial inconvenience to have my wonderful family in the hut with me.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Hut!

Don't forget Save-a-Word Saturday!
This week's theme is, of course, Thanksgiving.
And one more hut for good measure:
A hill hut.
Hobbits exist!
I always knew it was true.


  1. Lol. I'm imagining "five hundred square feet of country charm" showing up in a real estate ad.

    Also, appreciatig the advice for anyone who might end up in a garret. ;)

    1. Did you like the hobbit hut? I thought of you.

    2. I do greatly appreciate the hobbit hut. :D And while we're talking about the existence of hobbits: I drove down a somewhat unfamiliar back road today, and the several people I saw walking dogs and getting mail and jogging were all REALLY short. It was weird.


  2. That must have made for an interesting Thanksgiving. It might be kind of fun to spend some time in one of those... but only in the warm months :)

    1. Our hut is not quite as bad as any of those. It's more of a cottage and luckily we live somewhere where it is warm most of the time.