Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Papers, Finals and Other Things from Hell

We apologize for the sparse posting lately. We've got papers due, last minute projects and Finals quickly thundering down upon us. Ah, the joys of Student-hood.

Rather than ranting or posting a gif of me pulling my hair out and beating my head against conveniently placed walls, I'll tell you about the Sociology project I just turned in.

It's a Popular Culture class, so the assignment was something like this:

Pick something from Pop Culture
(which is pretty much anything).
Perform a Content Analysis
(Basically a literature analysis in which you conclude what this all means for society).
You must have an element of Quantitative Analysis
(Count Something).
P.S. It has to be longer than 15 pages,
And you have two weeks.
Naturally, I chose to do mine on YA Vampire fiction. I examined elements of immortality, beauty, eternal youth, and evil.
In other words, I wrote a 23 page paper on
Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz, and
Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.
And I counted how many pages contain someone saying a vampire is hot.
vampire books
Jessica's Guide would be in this picture too,
except the library wanted it back
 and I gave it to them
lest they revoke my browsing privileges.
For your edification and amusement, I give you:
The Final Tally of Hot Vampires
Jessica's Guide: Of 349 pages, 135 or 38% contain at least one description of a hot vampire.
Blue Bloods: Of 301 pages, 80 or 26% contain at least one description of a hot vampire.
Twilight: Of 498 pages, 208 or a staggering 42% contain at least one description of a hot vampire.
Edward is obviously one hot, blood-sucking stud.


edward cullen peacoat
I like to call this:
"The Sullen Peacoat" Picture


  1. Fascinating stuff!!! I wrote a paper once in college on Twilight and how it used elements of Romeo and Juliet. :-)

  2. This has all been oh-so-entertaining for me...

  3. HAHA! This post just made my day. Not only because I feel enlightened (you can never know too much vampires-in-books-facts), but also because the title rocked ;-).

  4. Ugh, hot vampires. I mean, I get that a huge part of what makes vampires able to carry on doing the whole blood-sucking thing is their allure, but having it shoved in my face in every vampire book I read makes me want to punch something.

  5. This is the way literature ends as an academic and intellectual pursuit, not with a bang, but with useless vampire fictions.

    1. Well, Mr. Eliot, while the outlook is gloomy, we Bright Young Things are writing our hopeful hearts out. Perhaps it's not over yet.