Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday with Dragons

Aw, the wonderful thing that is Friday.

A momentary cessation of work in honor of all the catching up you will have to do over the weekend. *sigh*

I'm really tired and brain dead and drained of energy and having a lot of trouble with coming up with something to talk about, soooooo.... I think it's a good day for a book recommendation!

dragon book

Usually I don't like dragons. Especially when they have riders. I am unusually opposed to the dragon rider concept.

However, His Majesty's Dragon is utterly charming. In other words, I like these dragons.

It's an alternative history novel set during the Napoleonic Wars. Not only does England have a grand army and navy with which they hope to challenge Napoleon Bonaparte, but they also have the Aerial Corps, the dragon riders, who take the battle into the air.

The story is about a naval Captain who captures a dragon egg on a French ship and, out of duty, joins the dangerously depleted Aerial Corps. There he discovers a world he never knew existed and, in his dragon, the most remarkable friend.

It is a truly interesting mix of history and fantasy. What especially charmed me was Novik's fresh take on dragon riding. It is not one man to a dragon, as in your usual dragon rider book, but each dragon carries a whole crew who attach themselves to its sides with harnesses and tethers. Being a dragon rider is more like being a Captain of a ship--a ship who talks, and probably understands mathematics better than you do--than anything else.

Like Patrick O'Brian's Master and Commander series, but with dragons.

How cool is that?

Final note:
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Now I am going to go and catch up on the episodes of Beauty and the Beast that I missed. Or maybe I'll just collapse.

Yeah, collapsing sounds fun.

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  1. Yes! I like dragons :-). Thanks for the recommendation, I'm going to check it out.