Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Of Time-Turners and Desire

Of all the things J. K. Rowling thought up, the one I most wish I had is this:

The time-turner.

It haunts me.

Not because I witnessed the slaughter of everyone's favorite hippogriff among other horrific things--though I think most people do have a couple dead-Buckbeak moments in their life. 

I want a time-turner because like Hermione, I......  What IS Hermione's problem? 

She's...an over-achiever?  Is it really that simple?  If so, what does "over-achiever" mean, and is it a good or a bad thing?

She's...smart?  Which means she should do more work?  *raises one eyebrow*  Which means she wants to do more work?  Is compelled to do more work? 

Hermione isn't taking extra classes for no reason.  She is engaged in the pursuit of worthy knowledge--knowledge that even proves to be useful when they're, you know, SAVING THE WORLD.

After staring at my computer screen for a while (and looking at Twitter and maybe eating some chocolate), I think Hermione's problem is this:  she has an almost inexhaustible supply of good things with which to fill her time, and the amount of time she would like to spend on said good things exceeds the portion of a 24-hour day that any sane mortal could be expected to stay awake.

But she is mortal.  And magic--we see the admission clearly here--is unnatural.  And fighting time is a little bit too unnatural.  So she goes back to living as the human being she is, no more and certainly no less, and (we presume, since this wasn't parsed out quite as thoroughly in the books and of course we're still only talking about Hermione Granger) simply does the best she can with every moment that is hers.

And I suppose that sounds okay to me, too. 

Though I STILL think I could manage not to go insane even if there were fifty of me running around together!!!  Perhaps it's better we can't test it... 

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  1. A lovely and thoughtful post! I always wondered why Hermione couldn't just use the Time Turner to get some extra hours of sleep as well, considering how exhausted she always was. Of course, then she'd probably have been about three years older than the rest of the class by the end of the book, so maybe it's a good thing she didn't...

    1. Haha! If I had a time-turner, I would definitely use it to sleep sometimes. *envisions scene of one self trying not to wake up sleeping self*

  2. "She is engaged in the pursuit of worthy knowledge..." Yes! I often feel like I would like to have more time in the day to achieve all the things I want to. I wouldn't just waste my time doing useless things either, I'd put that time to good use. Now, if only I could get my hands on a time-turner. ;)

    1. I know, right? I would do such good things with a couple extra hours...

  3. Oh, time-turner! *-* The things I could do... *sighs*