Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Giveaway Winner. . .Finally

I know it's been a long time, so long in fact that you guys have probably FORGOTTEN that we ever had a giveaway. Just kidding, I know you've thought of nothing else.

And our lucky winner is : Imane Ridouh of The Cherry On Top 

Congrats, Imane!

You may remember this giveaway was a little special. Instead of telling you what the prize was we gave you choice of "Pretty" or "Funny."

Imane chose "Pretty" and is receiving this lovely journal.

safavid hardcover journal

But just to satisfy any lingering curiosity, the "Funny" prize was this truly wonderful Princess Bride mug:

princess bride mug
I think I might have
to get myself one of these.
Because. . .twoo wuv!


  1. Those are both awesome prizes! The Princess Bride mug is classic and it's totally cracking me up. Congrats to Imane. :)

  2. Aie, I want that mug! And the journal is very pretty. Congrats to Imane!

  3. Those prizes are fantastic! The journal is gorgeous and that mug is just hilarious. Congrats, Imane! :)

  4. And this is why I had to try really hard not to enter the giveaway myself.