Friday, July 19, 2013


My puppy ate my plotting note cards.

She found them on the bottom shelf of my bedside table, bled all over them*, and tore them up into tiny, tiny pieces.

Luckily, I was able to snatch them away from her before too many of them got munched up. She did get most of the climax and resolution and a few from the beginning, though.

blood torn note card
This is one of the more intact ones.
See the blood?

I'm still recovering from the shock of seeing my novel** skipping off across the living room without me, but I forgive her.

rottweiler puppy cute dog
Especially with this contrite face.

I needed to work on those areas of the book anyway.


* She's teething. She's very drooly and nearly continuously dripping a little bit of blood. She's lost all her top teeth except for her pointy little fangs and the two in the middle. She looks a little silly.

** or the plans for my novel, anyway.


  1. However, if she eats any more of my noveling things, I'm sending her to St. Bartlemere's Cat Sanctuary.

  2. Guess she's developing her taste for great literature ;)