Friday, August 2, 2013

Character Chart

cloud thunder rain lightening

Now that it's August--and our return to school looms like a thunder cloud on the horizon*--Susan and I are getting very serious about our summer revising/rewriting goals. The End is nigh and time is running short. We've even been doing Write Club-like sprints to keep each other focused.**

As I usually do when I'm doing anything except drafting, I spend some of my time looking for charts/advice/secrets/keys to the writing universe. I find them reassuring and sometimes they even turn out to be helpful.

Today I found this exhaustive Character Chart that goes through everything from personal appearance to how your character feel about his job and his mother. It looks really, really fun.

I know what I'm doing with the rest of my morning.

Also . . .

Susan and I are mighty warriors and will defeat any plot problems or character inconsistencies 
that stand in our path to glory.

armor woman sword badass
Be inconsistent, MC. I dare you.

archers hunting robin hood
Be wery, wery quite. We're hunting plot holes.


* Shudder.

** Some mornings it works better than others. The first day I was really productive, but the day after that all I could do was blink blearily at my bright shiny computer screen and check my Facebook every six seconds. Even with a huge cup of very black black tea my powers of concentration only improved minimally. We shall persist, however. The body can adapt. It just hurts.


  1. Ooh, charting characters can be a lot of fun. I always like to play the "pretend I am published and someone is interviewing me about my characters" game, in which I think of the most ridiculous questions, and then figure the answers. Not only the whats (favourite colour, for example), but the whys.

    Good luck! And if in doubt, drink more tea. *nods*

  2. I try to chart...but perhaps I've been doing it wrong this whole time. hahaha. EWWWW! SCHOOL! *hides*

  3. The character chart isn't loading for me and it's making me sad. :(

    Also, that second picture--where did you find that? We look good!

    1. It's from one of my favorite Pinterest people. I think the page is called "Legends Harder than Stone."