Saturday, August 17, 2013

Save-A-Word Saturday

Welcome to Save-a-Word Saturday!

Join us as we spread our love of old and unusual words by sharing them with other bloggers and thereby saving them from the oldest, least-visited vaults of the Word Bank
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The rules run thusly:

1. Create a lovely blog post that links back to this one. The easiest way to do that would be to grab the code under our pretty Save-a-Word Saturday button. Just copy and paste it into the HTML part of your blog.

2. Pick an old word you want to save from extinction to feature in your blog post. It really must be an old word, not just a big one. We are trying to save lovely archaisms, not ugly giants (for example, "Dihydrogen Monoxide" is not an acceptable choice). Luciferous Logolepsy is a great database of lovely words if you're having trouble coming up with something on your own.

3. Provide a definition of your word. Use your word in a sentence (or even a short paragraph) vaguely related to the theme we have chosen this week. You may also add visual or musical interpretations of your word or your sentence. In fact, add anything that moves your creative spirit.

4. Add your post to the linky list below (it's down there somewhere). Then hop to as many other blogs as you can in search of as many wonderful words as possible!

5. Be a hero by using the words in your everyday life--that is how they will really be saved!  Do leave us a note or add something to your own post to let us all know what wonderful old word you whipped out to befuddle your friends and relations.

This week's theme is: lamp shades. 

Our word is:

1.  noun, effort, worry, or difficulty
2.  exclamation, used to express mild irritation or annoyance

And our sentences are (pretty much a direct quote from my life, minus this word)...

She sat propped up on three fluffy pillows, reading a book by the light of her bedside lamp.  Just as she was turning a page, she sneezed. Her ponytail brushed against the lamp shade, causing the oversensitive thing to wobble and go out.  "Botheration!" she said to the darkness, fiddling with painfully overheated switch that was supposed to turn it back on. 

Next week's theme is:  love. 


  1. Electronics can be such a botheration. Hence my preference to rely on as few battery-powered devices as possible when it comes to books. well as my hope to spontaneously develop the super power of reading in the dark.

    1. That would be an AWESOME super power to have!!!

  2. Um, I totally agreed with the superpower to read in the dark. And to just always be able to read without ever getting tired, eye-strain, headaches, etc. That would be awesome.

    And never a botheration!