Friday, November 8, 2013

Festivities and Prizes

As you know, tomorrow is our the last Save-a-Word Saturday.

It has been a truly glorious year of weird words and wonderful witty sentences from everyone and you have our deepest thanks for your enthusiasm.

To show our gratitude tomorrow* we will have some lovely** word-related*** gifts to dispense.

The first prize will be given to someone selected from the list of previous Save-a-Word Saturday participants. HOWEVER, if you are not a blogger and have not been able to participate in the past, but have enjoyed Save-a-Word Saturday and would like a chance to be rewarded for your fidelity and excellent vocabulary, please leave us a sentence in the comments containing as many Save-a-Word Saturday words as you can possibly manage and your name shall be duly entered.

There are also two additional gifts which we will award at our discretion in recognition of outstanding wordiness, enthusiasm, and general awesomeness throughout the year.

Keep your pens ready and your wits sharp, my friends.


Here is a picture of ships because I recently liked Pirate Lovin' Saucy Wench on Facebook and now my Newsfeed is full of moody ships.

With a name like that, I don't know why I was surprised.


* In addition to the usual blessing of our fabulous word.

** It breaks my heart to give them away they are so lovely.

*** Word production related, rather.


  1. Did somebody say moody ships?! *nips out real quick to "like" page*

    And now I'm tempted to craft the most absurdly beautiful Save-a-Word sentence ever. Maybe after I reach my NaNoWriMo word-count goal for the day. Ah, final SaW Saturday... what a bittersweet day you shall be.

    1. Oh, it meshes nicely with your NaNo project doesn't it? You're welcome :)