Saturday, November 9, 2013

Save-a-Word Saturday and Gifts

 Welcome to the final Save-a-Word Saturday!
Join us as we spread our love of old and unusual words by sharing them with other bloggers and thereby saving them from the oldest, least-visited vaults of the Word Bank.

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This week's theme is: finales, farewells, or anything else that strikes your fancy.

Our word is:

Quisby, noun 
a wretch; an idle person. doing quisby: idling, not working.

Our sentences:

     "I'm going away, George," Will said. He looked down and shifted his hat in his hands. "I think . . . for a long time."
     "Did she do that bad for you, my friend?" George asked. Will didn't answer. "If I wasn't such a useless quisby I would almost offer to go with you. As it is, I don't think I could work up the energy for such a venture. Where are you going? Africa?"
     Will shrugged his shoulders. "Maybe. Maybe I'll go to the Continent first. I don't know." He put his hat on and turned towards the door. "I didn't expect you to want to come," Will said. "I only came to say farewell."
     "Farewell, then."
     Will nodded and left.
     George leapt across the room and stopped in the doorway. As he watched his childhood friend disappear down the stairs to God only knew where, George almost wished that he had offered to go and that this need not be the final farewell.



The first prize is this lovely fountain pen set:

And the winner is . . . Tirzah Duncan of The Ink Caster!

Congratulations, Tirzah and thank you so much for participating in Save-a-Word Saturday!

Now, onwards to the special awards for outstandingly awesomeness, brilliant wordiness, and blog friendship.

To Mere Joyce and to Danielle E. Shipley of Ever On Word we would like to extend our special thanks for your continued participation. You guys are word saving heroines of epic proportions, wonderful brilliant people, and excellent blog friends.

We would like to bestow upon each of you this lovely journal:

We selected this particular journal because I think it's gorgeous and am getting one, and Susan already has one, and once each of you have one, the most determined word savers will be united across continents and countries by this magical journal. YAY!

We will contact all three of you with details in the next few days.

Have a lovely and wordy Saturday, my friends!


  1. First off, let me cry for awhile that Save-A-Word is done *runs off to corner*


    *Comes sniffling back*

    Secondly, great concluding snippet, and great final word! Save-A-Word has been so much fun, and such a learning experience, to boot. I have grown crazily fond of some of these words, and I pledge to always do my best to save words wherever I go!

    And thirdly, thank you so much for thinking of me! You did not have to do any such guys are awesome, and all the other Save-A-Words are awesome, and I think we should all have a virtual tea and scones party.


  2. *blubbers* Farewell, Save-a-Word Saturday! You have enriched my weekends as few things have ever done, and will remain in my heart for all time.

    Thank you so much, Tyler-Rose and Susan, for having brought this most beautiful of blog hops into my life.
    "And mine!"
    Yes, and Will Scarlet's, too. This been a gift unto itself -- and the journal prize is an attractive extra. ^.^

    Word-savers 'til the end!
    ~ Danielle

  3. Oh my word, thank you so much for giving The Ink Caster--well, basically, a magic wand!

    ^O^ I've loved reading these antics, and I loved participating, for all I did so but a few times; far fewer than I intended to. I'll be sorry to see it go, but it had a good run. :)

  4. That's a great last word, and one I definitely will use! Thanks again for the year of words. It is (was) an awesome idea :)
    Congrats to the others!

  5. Your Save-a-Word Saturday shorts got better and better as the year went on and finally ended with an amazing appropriate final good-bye scene. That scene perfectly held and reflected my feelings about seeing the last of Save-a-Word Saturday and, in doing so, helped me move on.

  6. I didn't know I had been being a quisby about getting back with comments! Cheers