Monday, December 23, 2013

Teacups of Joy

We're back!!!  We survived the papers and the finals and the journey home. 

If we're being honest, the fact of our survival was largely due to these: 


From the ever-wondrous Anthropologie.  You can't tell in these pictures, but they're oversized (similar volume to a mug).

The blue one is Tyler-Rose's.  Isn't it gorgeous?  Especially with the berry tea? 

They have LEGS!  Which, as Tyler-Rose had to point out to me, is practical because you don't have to worry about using a coaster.  But it is also just fun.  When you hold it in your hand, it feels like a little creature is perching on you. 

Added bonus:  it can proofread your term papers!  ...okay, maybe only your Jane Austen term paper. 

 I was so excited that I put a fruit smoothie in mine at one point. 
So we survived, but only through frequent indulgence of our Anglophile tendencies.  But since there's nothing wrong with that, I think we'll carry on in this manner...

Though I would like to add:  we have it confirmed by an actual English person that these are, in fact, very cool teacups.  The lovely Miss Cole saw mine on Twitter and straightaway got one for herself.  :)


  1. Ha! Yes, I can confirm THESE ARE THE BEST! I love mine. It's so adorable ^_^

    This Endorsement Brought To You By A Real Live English Person :D

    And I am so, so, so, grateful you posted the picture so I could share in this teacup heaven.

  2. Being home is nice, but I really miss my teacup.

  3. Ooo... nice tea cups. And I like that they are mug-capacity tea cups. I'm not sure a regular-sized tea cup can handle the quantities of tea I consume. :) Thanks for the heads-up. A bit late for Christmas, but I have a birthday in a few months... ;)

  4. Your survival gladdens my heart! And a Real Live English Person Endorsement... that's just priceless. Christmas miracles all around!

  5. I love these teacups. I have big ones, too. I'd like one with legs.