Tuesday, January 28, 2014

All the Drafts

Neither Susan nor I are currently producing a first draft of any great length,* but I know that time is going to come again. And actually, as a pantser, I find revising much more of an emotional roller-coaster than producing the original draft.

So, this is totally relevant to my life right now.

It was a long time ago, but in 2011 some brilliant soul on Operation Awesome** made this wonderful thing:

The Tangled Illustrated Guide to First Drafts

Which I am humbly retitling:  

The Tangled Illustrated Guide to My Writing Life

Or maybe it's just my life. I can't tell anymore.

Tangled Repunzel frog

It made me laugh. Both because the writing process*** is pretty much like this for me and because sometimes I actually get tangled in my hair.

Enjoy :)


* I'm pretty much always producing a short story that I may or may not have any intention to ever show to anyone ever.

** They're awesome. You should totally check them out.



  1. My writing process seems a little tangled, too!

  2. "Or maybe it's just my life. I can't tell anymore." Ughhh so true!