Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Stay Inspired

This semester Susan and I have made all sorts of writing resolutions. I would elaborate further, but I think she plans to blog about this fairly soon, so I'll let her do that when she gets around to it. Suffice it to say that our resolutions involve accountability and mandatory, set writing times. All in an attempt to help us to stay on the right track goals-wise, something we seem to find difficult during the semester.

So far it's actually working really well.

However, the temptation to let our resolutions slide is extremely strong. We are in school after all and so there is always homework that is sort of pressing around our ears. We are still in the dorm they moved us to when our suite flooded, though we've sort of settled in.* Also, a bunch of my books were ruined and are now moldering in plastic bags outside my room.

moldy books bags ruined
That's my Chaucer there on the top. Heart break.

Besides being relocated, Polar Vortex the Second is passing through and it is currently 9 degrees, but feels like -6. Unbelievably, it has actually warmed up from this morning when it was 0 degrees,  but felt like -17. That was a lot of fun. At least the dorm we are in now is warmer than the suite ever was.

All these things conspire to make laying in a depressed heap on someone's bedroom floor seem much more attractive than doing actual WORK of any kind. Who would want to work when you could curl into the fetal position and complain about your life instead?**

But a couple of things have been keeping me--I'm not sure I want to say inspired, exactly, but more like . . . Entertained? Happy? Amused? Convinced the world doesn't totally suck?

Anyway, the things which are currently making my life worth living are:***

1. The fact that our new dorm has a solarium with beautiful big windows that let in lots of light even on snowy days. There are these lovely little glass tables down there and last Saturday all my displaced roommates and I had our Scarf-a-Scone Saturday scones in there. My grandmother gave me strawberry conserves and clotted cream for Christmas so we had that as well. The other girls who were lounging around doing crazy things like studying on a Saturday morning were totally jealous of us. 

2. This teapot/cup set which I recently acquired.

The sides say, "A good laugh and a cup of tea are the two best cures." Someone asked me what exactly tea and laughter are a cure for. Oh, only EVERYTHING.

3. This song which I've listened to . . . erm . . . A LOT today. Ed Sheeran's version is the credit song for the Hobbit II,**** but I actually find that I like this one by Peter Hollens better. And it's just so epic. It makes me want to write great things.

Have an inspired day! 

And if you live anywhere that isn't California, just stay inside, why don't you?


* As much as we can when we know^ we're just going to have to move again pretty soon.

^ I use this word as loosely as possible. Truthfully, we know nothing about anything regarding our suite. The little tidbits we do know had to be dragged laboriously out of three different people.

** Mistake me not, we will probably do this anyway even when we have been working.

*** Ermahgerd, Tyler-Rose is writing a list!!!!! WHAT???????????????? The world doesn't make sense anymore.

**** Which I haven't seen yet,^ but Susan calls "Smaugadick Dragonbatch: Gold Edition."

^ I'm boycotting.


  1. I love that teapot and have to agree with you that tea and laughter solve pretty well any problem. ;-) I'm very envious of your Scarf-a-Scone thing. Yum! I hope things start looking up for you ladies. That's really unfortunate about your books. I have a really old copy of A Christmas Carol that got completely trashed when I shipped my stuff back from Germany. It was in mint condition originally and now it looks just terrible. So I can feel your pain. Here's hoping your week has lots of tea and laughter. :-)

  2. Mmm, those scones look delicious! Glad you're staying inspired, teapots and music are great things to perk you up, =)

  3. Methinks my life needs far more laughter and tea.

    1. I think everyone's life needs more laughter and tea.