Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tyler-Rose Uses a Screwdriver

Besides majoring in English, I am also getting a minor in Graphic Design.* So mostly I spend my time either reading strange modernist fiction or making pretty pictures on the computer. However, said Graphic Design minor also requires two drawing classes which are MY FAVORITE PART.** Even though my drawings are rarely stunning masterpieces of glorious magnificence, I love that my work results in something I can actually hold in my hands or hide under my bed or hang on my wall.***

At the end of the semester the art professors require that students enter a piece in the All-Level Student Show. This requires matting and framing a drawing. Matting and framing a drawing requires the guillotine paper cutter, t-squares, and practical life skills like the ability to hold a screw driver.

I think it is periodically important for writers and artists (I think this is actually why the professor require us to enter something in the show) to remember that they do, in fact, often have practical life skills even when their individual emotional journeys make it seem like they don't.

In celebration of practical life skills, I give you . . . my UNBELIEVABLY EXCITING**** framing project.

(Also appreciate our new impossible-to-keep-clean Post-Flood flooring.)

A picture of the things I will need to frame my drawing.
All the materials laid out. See? Real screwdrivers.

A picture of three sides of the frame.
The frame partially screwed together with the Acrylic in it.#

A picture of the back of the drawing and matboard.
The picture carefully attached to the mat-board with acid-free paper tape.
Because this one needs to survive the ages.

A picture of my framed drawing of a male torso.
Proof I can operate a screwdriver.

I didn't tell you our model is a decathlete, did I? Let's have another one. Just for funzzies.

A picture of me and my framed male torso.

The show starts next Sunday. I thought about putting a price on The Abs and trying to recoup the cost of the frame,## but I'm afraid I like them way too much and could never part with them permanently.

And I'm going to keep them on my dresser until I turn them in on Saturday. :D


* So that if I fail as a writer in a truly epic and unrecoverable fashion, maybe I will still be able to feed myself.^

^ Just kidding. That's only about half of why. The other half is that I like pretty things. A lot. Like, A LOT a lot. And I like making pretty things. And making things pretty. And beautiful too, if I can manage it.

** Here is a drawing I copied of a lovely French gentleman because he is one of my favorites:

My copy of a drawing by Hubert-Francois Bouguignon.

*** Novels do this too, but they take way longer than my little drawings. Sometimes the gratification is so delayed it's hard to remember that it's there at all.

**** LOL

# Real glass is for cocky fools who think they aren't going to drop their pictures the instant they pick them up.

## Which made me cough just a little bit when I saw the total online. 


  1. Well sketched and framed, Tyler-Rose! *admires your handiwork*

  2. Definitely impressive, congrats on the use of screwdrivers and other practical tools! Hope the show goes well, and that The Abs get many admirers =3

  3. Both your artwork and your screwdriver skills are to be admired, Tyler-Rose. I'm impressed, anyway. All the best on Saturday! :)