Friday, May 9, 2014

Home Again

Finals are finished and I have made it all the way home once more. I am exhausted, but alive. This is pretty much how I spent yesterday which was my first day back:

A picture of a cup of earl grey tea and two maple cookies.
The tea cup was a gift from my little brother.
He knows me so well.
I managed to drink most of the huge pot of tea by myself and felt exactly zero of the promised effects of caffeine. *sigh*

When I wasn't consuming enormous amounts of tea and coping with my jet lag, I was being introduced to the newest members of the Counts Family Hobby Farm. Perhaps you may remember that my first day back on Spring Break last year was marked by our cows escaping their pasture and deciding to taste our tenant's car. Rest assured nothing escaped this year, but we have acquired some interesting new critters: three lambs and two surprisingly cute and tidy pigs.*

Photos of my Rustic Life will likely be forthcoming in the near future. Probably along with video footage of what my mother calls the "Happy Piggy Dance" which may just be the cutest thing ever. Their little pink ears flap when they run. It makes me want to die of sqee.

Susan has also returned home briefly, but is going abroad with a program from our school in a few days. Hopefully, we can look forward to some travel posts and a few glorious pictures of her wonderful life. I wish I was going. *weep*

I had something else I was going to say, but in the haze that is Jet Lag After Flying West, I'm afraid I can't remember what it was.

Happy Friday, everyone.

One more note:

This isn't the thing I was going to say, but you should check out the #FP (Friday Phrases) hashtag on Twitter. You can find the hosts at @FridayPhrases. People use it to tweet flash fiction, snatches of poetry, story ideas, and any pretty phrase that occurs to them. Sometimes they are stunningly beautiful, often they are just entertainingly bizarre. They've actually become one of my favorite parts of Friday.

UPDATE: I've remembered what I was going to say. It was about the Summer Reading List I'm making. But I think I'll save it for it's very own blog post.  


* To add to our fifteen rose bushes,^ eleven chickens, six cats, and a dog. I'm afraid the cows Met Their Fate at the end of last summer.

^ The rose bushes also count as critters. The way they try to flay my face during pruning season every year is completely active.

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  1. Awwww, piggy envy! Welcome home, Tyler-Rose. :)