Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Summer TBR List

A tall stack of library books with on open book on top.
Last summer I read all thirteen Sookie Stackhouse books. I must admit, it was pretty glorious. I loved how, despite the really weird and often fluffy content, Charlaine Harris was able to keep me hooked and emotionally involved with her characters. I think I stayed up until 2:30 AM to finish All Together Dead and it usually takes truly unusual and fantastical circumstances to convince me to keep my eyes open past 12:30. Sookie's voice was the thing I loved the best. It was bright, and fresh, and unmistakably her.

While I enjoyed myself completely, at the end of the summer I was left with the feeling that I had been eating nothing but candy for three months. Candy is great, but if you eat too much of it it will dye your tongue permanently purple and give you hillbilly teeth.*

So this summer I have made a list to keep myself from getting distracted by every shiny new cover that passes before my eyes. I have no plans to finish reading everything on this list this summer, it is simply so I can have a range of choices. I also put a few books on it that I've already read, but love to reread when I get the chance. The rules are that if I pick a book from one of the lists, I have to pick something from the other two to read next.

Check my Summer Reading list here. I welcome any recommendations you might have for me.

 Bonus: here's your Phantom of the Opera fix for the day.


* No doubt Katie the Roommate would tell me that candy is actually a vegetable because it comes from corn and sugar cane which are both vegetables. Chocolate is also a vegetable and so is steak, in case your were curious.^

^ Chocolate comes from beans which are vegetables and cows eat grass which makes them also vegetables.


  1. I always make super ambitious summer reading lists, which I promptly forget all about the second I get to the library. Good luck!

    1. I have been worrying about this a little bit, but I have decided to be very strict with myself. We'll see how long this lasts ;)

    2. I checked out a book that isn't on the list at the library today. Woops.