Wednesday, August 6, 2014


A stack of vintage trunks waiting at the airport.
I realized the other day while I was thinking about writing a blog post and deciding that doing the dishes was much more important that I never actually told the blog where I was going. I'm pretty sure Twitter was informed a number of times, but I don't think the blog got to share in my excitement.

WELL . . .

First, I went to a wonderful Youth Conference in Chicago that was really amazing. I got to see a lot of old friends that I hadn't seen all together in years and years and I met a lot of great new people and had a number of fabulous adventures that I would tell you about with great flare and hyperbole if we were actually meeting in person, but since I don't actually know who reads the blog I will refrain.

When that was over, I flew farther east to STAY WITH SUSAN for a week and a half. This was the first time in the whole course of our friendship that Susan and I were able to spend time together without papers and other wretched school related things looming over our heads. We were able to talk late into the night about writing, and life, and the universe, and everything without having to check our phones and say silly thing like, "You have exactly three and a half more minutes to unburden your soul to me, and then I have to go write my paper."

It was wonderful.

Blissful luxury.

We did a lot of fun things,* but being what we are we actually spent most of everyday writing. Because that is really what we want to be doing when we are researching obscure areas of academia in our cold northern college.

More on that later.

Meanwhile, I'm finally home from my travels. This is the first day I don't feel droopily jet lagged. So, I've decided today is going to be a wonderfully productive writing day.**

Wish me luck.


* Most of which involved eating. One of the especially fun things was the evening Susan and I went and got sushi together and I taught her how to use chopsticks. She is the first friend I have ever taken to sushi who has claimed to enjoy it. I love her.

** Thereby assuring that I get nothing done whatsoever.


  1. Sounds like a beautiful time all around. ^_^ Quality time spent with good friends is unbeatable.