Thursday, September 18, 2014

Update: Blog Schedule

The "blog schedule" is not something we tend to do here at The Feather and the Rose. 

We're both trying to finish writing projects this year, however, so streamlining the blog seemed like a good idea. 

Tyler-Rose and I will post on alternating Mondays.*  Hope to see you then! 

On an unrelated note, I just discovered the zillion variations of "Keep calm and carry on" that the internet has to offer, and some of them are hilarious.  Like this one: 

*nods knowingly*  Next time I fail to keep calm, I will blame my heritage.

Look for us on Mondays!


*Which means, roughly, that if you like footnotes, you should visit on the Mondays Tyler-Rose posts, and if you like lists, you should visit on the Mondays I post.  But I just used a footnote, so maybe it's best if you stop by on all Mondays indiscriminately. 


  1. Would miss a Feather 'n' Rose list or footnote for the world. ^_^
    ...Well, okay, for the whole world, maybe. But that's not looking likely, so chances are I'll be here.