Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas "Break"

If I write a blog post about my own life right now, it's going to be one huge complaint about all the school work I find myself doing in the space between Christmas and New Year's.  I'm going to spare you (Whoever you are.  Who are you, blog reader?  Leave a comment and tell me.) and talk about other people and the things they're doing: 

First of all, my beloved sister (herself a lurker here at The Feather and the Rose) has opened an Etsy shop!  Right now she has her beautiful magic wands up for sale.  If you follow the link and check out the pictures, you can see that I finally got to follow my calling as a hand model. 

She also throws pots and weaves on a loom, so look for pottery and textiles in the future!!  I myself have ambitions to make something out of the many, many, manyyyyy Lindt truffle wrappers I have accumulated this season and have her sell it on there.  (Suggestions of what, exactly, I should make with these wrappers are welcome.  You could also leave that in the comments if you are in fact a human being and not a spambot.) 

These are not the highest quality pictures ever, but: 

A scarf  my sister wove and gave me for Christmas--a preview of PurplePeacockTongues weaving.

Also gifted to me, a preview of PurplePeacockTongues pottery!
The shop name, "PurplePeacockTongues," is tangentially related to my WiP, so that's obviously just another reason to go check it out and buy stuff. 

Second, some music I discovered recently:  She's called Eurielle, she has some cool stuff, and her album is coming out sometime in 2015!  Check it out at SoundCloud!  My favorite song is called "City of the Dead," but she has some cheerier songs, too. study break has expired!  Have a happy New Year, blogland!  Tyler-Rose and I will be here in 2015, writing, reading, writing, reading, and questing on after adventure, true love, book deals, and scones!  ;)


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    1. And you already know my Lindt-wrapper creation suggestions.

    2. Ephesus Terrace Houses Part II.

  2. Cute! I love it.
    I am Carole a random college blogger myself and a lurker as well. :D