Monday, December 1, 2014

Time: Part III

We're always talking about this.  There isn't enough time.  We wish we had more time.  It takes a long time to write a novel.  We barely have time to write blog posts.  Time-turners are the coolest idea ever and I want one and I suspect Tyler-Rose wouldn't turn one down. 

That's how Susan's post last week started, and here--surprise, surprise*--is yet another blog post about time. In case you hadn't noticed, the Feather and the Rose are currently preoccupied by this topic. We've talked and blogged a lot about this lately. We've written about our struggles balancing our academic and writing lives, with distraction, and with excuses. We've reduced our blogging to one day a week, told you why we aren't doing NaNoWriMo, and asked you to kindly direct us to anyone with a time-turner.

And you've all been lovely and supportive and told us your secrets for balancing your time and made your own excuses down in the comments because all of our many, many explanations are perfectly legitimate. We all have busy lives and many demands on our time.

And while this is totally true, it also really isn't. None of us are busy every minute of every day. There are days when some of the clutter can be shoved out of the way to make a very small, clear space.

The Saturday before last,** Susan and I were able to do this.

I don't know how many weeks it had been since I'd actually sat down and written something. I'd even had a little free time, but had decided I was too exhausted to write, which then fed all the lovely amorphous fears about failure that writers (especially writers who aren't writing) are particularly prone to.

We decided that despite our hectic lives we could spare one hour on Saturday nights. No matter what. That one hour wasn't going to make much difference in our academic careers. We would likely have spent it settling slowly into some unpleasant work that doesn't really need to be slowly settled into.

When the time arrived, we got our laptops and . . . we actually wrote. And As I wrote I remembered all sorts of 'whys' about my life that I had forgotten while I wasn't writing. I got more done than I'd gotten done in the last month. In fact, I even finished a draft and gave it to Susan.

I was amazed by how accomplished I felt and how a lot of the fears about not writing melted away immediately.

I know it's best if you can write every day, but sometimes it just isn't possible. So, instead of putting it off until some mythical future time when you won't be busy anymore,*** set aside a little sacred time designated for writing and only for writing. Write. Stop for nothing short of the apocalypse.

That's all for today, my friends. As one of my professors says, "Have a good life. Be of good cheer. Sing 'hey nonny nonny.'"


* Or "Suprees" as Susan and Katie the Roommate now pronounce it.

** Last Saturday was part of Thanksgiving break and Susan and I were not together for accountability. I spent my time writing a paper I turned in an hour ago and hugging my family.

*** I'm not sure I'm old enough to be able to say for sure, but I'm going to take a wild guess and say that it probably won't.  


  1. :) So are we on for this Saturday, then?

  2. A fine catchphrase, has that professor. ^.^