Monday, January 19, 2015

Ghost Pictures

I can hardly believe that this is the Feather and the Rose's last semester in college. Susan and I are wrapping up our various majors and minors so that we can graduate in May like we're supposed to. I am both unbelievably excited and seriously terrified. This may get worse as the Day Itself draws near.

To finish out my Graphic Design minor which I've mentioned in previous posts, I'm taking a Digital Photography class. Because of this, I have recently acquired a fancy camera that captures more pixels than I ever knew I wanted.

To be honest, I was sort of nonplussed about having to buy such an expensive piece of equipment for ONE class. Especially when the professor warned us that the pictures we take on our phones will probably look better than the ones we take on our new cameras for at least a few weeks if not a month or more. How encouraging.

I was fairly wary of it and rather timid in my picture-taking the first few days, but now I've had it for almost a week and I think you might have to pry it out of my cold, dead fingers if you want to get it away from me.

I've had rather a lot of fun playing with different shutter speeds and aperture openings to get different cool effects. Turns out, if you make the aperture small enough, leave the shutter open long enough, and either have a timer or are pretty light on your feet, you can take ghost pictures.


I got up about a half hour before sun rise and had fun moving our living room furniture all around as quietly as possible so I wouldn't wake up my sleeping suite-mates. I think all three of these were taken with my camera balanced precariously on top of the Oxford Latin Dictionary and a stack of magazines consisting mostly of old issues of RealSimple, Cosmo, and Esquire.

I think I need a tripod.


  1. Why get a tripod when you have that stack of excellence? ;)

    But seriously, I LOVE these. Especially the third one. Gorgeous.