Monday, February 23, 2015

A Very Large Squirrel

Do you ever have one of those mornings, evenings, days--or maybe longer--where you feel like you're just spinning your wheels? 

You're trying to go through the semi-routine that you have established for this part of the week, but new things keep cropping up? 

Naturally, (almost) all the technology chooses this time to malfunction.  Those little bits of important information you never wrote down come back to bite you. 

Like a squirrel biting a thrice-frozen crab apple.

And you find yourself wondering:  How have I ever gotten anything done in my whole life?  

But you have before, so it's a good bet that you will do something, someday, again, other than fumble with technology and drop things and forget things and post cop-out blog posts full of totally random squirrel pictures. 


  1. This is the fattest squirrel ever. I dearly hope he is WRONG about how long this winter is going to last.

  2. Dat squirrel, tho. o_o I will squish it and hug it and call it Enormo.

  3. This squirrel is the best thing to ever happen to me. Also this is my favourite post ever on this blog. I might start liking plot if you posted more squirrel photos on this blog.

  4. Seriously, though, what a magnificent beast.

  5. Gracious goodness, I miss Fat Squirrel.