Monday, February 9, 2015

Guest Post by Arena the Roommate

Hello Friends of "The Feather and the Rose"! 

My name is Arena the Roommate.  Susan and Tyler-Rose are currently both inundated by work, and I have offered to fill in for this Monday blog post.  They obviously trust me a lot, because I am not exactly a skillful writer.  In fact, the last thing that I wrote that was not a research paper or an essay was a very depressing short story about cancer which was written in French when I was in Tours, France for a summer study abroad in 2013; I was very jet-lagged.  Prior to that short story, I think I wrote a short story for my 7th grade English teacher about slumber parties. 

While in Tours, France, you must go see all the cool chateaux.  This is a front view (non-bridge view) of Chateau, Chenonceau.

You may ask why I haven't written non-factual/opinion papers in such a long time.  The truth? I am not a writer.  Nor am I interested in writing.  In fact, I am a Math/Economics/French triple major.  I do not share any majors with Susan, Tyler-Rose, or Katie the Roommate*, so it seems a little surprising that we've all become such good friends.  However, we all seem to balance each other out.  Part of why this is, is that we all have different schedules for life.  After I graduate in May, I will be working for an insurance company as an actuarial assistant with the end goal of becoming an actuarial fellow**.  Thus, I have more free time this semester, while my roommates are continuously working on projects and job prospects. 

Now that I've talked about myself for multiple paragraphs, I will talk about what I've been meaning to talk about, which is... 

Time and the Necessity of Doing. 

You may ask what I mean when I say the "Necessity of Doing".  I'm talking about having to do something because there is no other option.  I experience this best in the actuarial exam process.  To become an actuarial fellow, I have to take twelve long, arduous exams.  I've passed one, and I hopefully will pass the second at the end of February.  The process of taking exams isn't very fun; they're expensive and difficult.  I've been studying for this exam since June.  However, I know that I MUST pass this exam, or I will get fired from my job before I even begin it.  If one can't pass his exams at fairly regular intervals, he will not get raises or promotions, which means he will get fired.  For me, it's also something that I must do as I feel it is what I'm meant to do, just as Tyler-Rose and Susan feel they must write. 

It's been important to recognize that things must be done, and that things will be done, whether you believe it's possible or not.  While sometimes the timeline for these things isn't as you expect, they will be completed.  In reality, everything is going to be alright.  If they're not alright, they will be.^

This probably all seems cryptic, but I've adopted it as my guide, and I'd venture to say that I'm the least stressed of my friends with the least amount of panic attacks.  Many people are amazed at how calm I am with so much on my plate, but I've managed to triple major without a time-turner and without going crazy.  If you can adopt the right mindset, you can do anything, because you have to.  If you don't have to do something, then why do it? 


*See Katie the Roommate's posts here.   And here. 

**What's an actuary, you ask?  See here. 

^My dad has a penchant for reggae music, so perhaps I listened to this# so often in my childhood, that it has pervaded my life. 



  1. "I'd venture to say that I'm the least stressed of my friends with the least amount of panic attacks."

    I'd venture to say that's not just a venture.

  2. Reality. It's always great to read someone who writes about it!