Monday, June 1, 2015

A Time of Mourning

It seems to me that a proper period of mourning has been allowed to elapse.

Perhaps you find this confusing. You may not have observed anything unusual except our absence, but spiritually and truly the blog has been hung in dark draperies. We have decorated it with flowers--with roses that bloom black as despair. We have wept for what is lost. I thought for a short time that perhaps my heart would break.

It has not broken. I live on with my continuing grief. It is a heavy burden that I think will not grow easier to bear over time. Despite this, we have been silent long enough.

But what are we mourning, you might ask.

Have Susan or Tyler-Rose lost a pet? A beloved? Received a simply scathing rejection letter? Given up writing and become accountants??!


Happily, the answer to all these questions is: no.

We're both alive and well and so are those we love best. Really, the grief that caused us to drop off the face of the earth is simply this:


Yes, after four years of late nights, tears, hard work, and the best kinds of fun we walked across a stage in flowing black gowns and funny hats and received our diplomas. Susan took a BA in Latin and I in English.

Why is this a cause for mourning? Shouldn't we be celebrating our accomplishments and our new-found freedom?

Of course. We did. We are. However, graduation day heralded the end of more than our college career. I quote from our "About Us" page:

We share a college, a suite, and as you have discovered, a blog!   
Having met on a fateful trip to England and discovered we were both writers,we were friends as soon as Tyler-Rose stopped being terrified of Susan and Susan was satisfied as to Tyler-Rose's bathing habits.

 My dear friends, while Susan and I will always share a college, *places hand over heart and hums her and Susan's shared Alma Mater* we no longer share a suite, a building, a block, a town, a county, a state, or a time zone. In fact, it would be hard for us to get farther apart and avoid falling into opposing oceans.

We are separated by an entire country and likely to stay that way for a while. SCARF-A-SCONE SATURDAY IS NO MORE* 


There are some plans of reunion in the works, but they are long rather than short term affairs. Meanwhile, we do indeed intend to continue writing on the blog. Those who have asked us about that can now relax. We're not going anywhere. 

Besides graduating, a lot of other wonderful things have happened to us in the last few months which you should probably hear about, but I'll save those for another post.

Have a charming Monday!


* Now transformed into Skype-a-Susan Saturday :)


  1. I feel like somebody should give the pair of you a Richard Armitage condolences card. Separated besties = A SAD, SAD BUSINESS.

  2. Congratulations to you both on your graduation. True friendships will stand the test of separation as you both follow your chosen career paths. Best of luck with all that follows.