Saturday, September 12, 2015

A Change of Residence

Hear ye! Hear ye! Great news!

Since you probably haven't noticed, I thought I would just tell you that we are no longer impoverished squatters living in the (very nice and very free) tent city Google and Blogger kindly set up and invited us to stay in for as long as we liked.

We were quite comfortable there, but I decided it was time for a change and dragged a tired Susan along with me. We have now completed our move up the street to the edge of the city proper and are in possession of a wonderful, very real street address of our very own.

Callers and visitors are welcome at all times (especially if they bring food) and can now find us at:

Don't worry if you type the old address by mistake. The friendly googlebots will redirect you to our new home.


  1. Congrats! On my way to visit now :)

  2. Oh..*blush* it DID redirect me. Impressive :)

  3. Charming place you've got here! Very homey. ^_^