Friday, September 18, 2015

Link Round-Up

I collect links the way I collect books. That being: a little obsessively. I thought I would share a few of the ones that caught my eye this week.

Medieval Recipes in Translation
Learn how to make "Cripels" in both Middle and Modern English. Look for an upcoming recipe post regarding these lovely-sounding, honey-covered dainties.

Fifteen Ways to Write a Novel
This caught my eye because my first reaction to the title was sort of "Huh, isn't there really only one way to write a novel? Kind of one word after another?" While the article does not answer the eternal question of How You Actually Write a Novel, it does have some good advice on getting work done on any given day.

A Small and Very Polite Rant about the Importance of Writers to the World
Apparently the Australian government is considering (already has?) cut funding that was previously designated for writers' grants. While this is somewhat politically irrelevant to me, I like what the author has to say about the writer's place in society.
Six Things Not to Do when Writing about Forests
There is a forest in my novel. I don't spend a whole bunch of time in forests. A reality check was needed. 

And an autumnal picture, just for good measure:

a bottle of apple cider and a bag of sugar donuts
This is just what I'm craving right now.
Do other places besides Michigan do cider and doughnuts for fall?

Happy Friday, blog-friends!

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  1. I was really happy to find that because of quite a bit of time spent in the woods, I already knew and instinctively implemented all Six Things about Forests. As someone who struggles with certain kinds of realism, it felt like I had just discovered a free pass.

    Also, the picture: Glad you haven't yet forgotten what autumn entails.